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Can I get any discount on heated glove in my first order?
In general, there will be discount on the first order. You are expected to tell Duralogic Company Limited about the order quantity and other services in need so that the items for discount may be ascertained. We intend to provide heated glove at the most reasonable price. Its current unit price is affordable to most of the clients. When a big order is placed, or a new client is here, discount may be offered. However, it should not be highly expected, as it is not aimed at offering discount, instead, helping establish partnership.

As the initiator of heated pants, Duran Heated Wear is committed to research and development and production. Duran Heated Wear's heated scarf is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Materials used in Duran heated waistcoat are required to undergo rigorous ingredient tests. They are inspected regarding colorfastness, odor, shading balance, physical properties such as wearing and puncture resistance. This product stands out for its tremendous tear- and abrasion resistance. Our quality control system is fully through entire production process of heated clothing. The battery of this product has a long lifespan.

Valuing the importance of customer service is one of the things that Duran sticks to. Inquire online!
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