Duran - 中国电热服制造商 - 第一款碳纤维电热服的发明者

Can we arrange the battery heated gloves shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
If you would like to arrange the heated glove shipments, please contact us. Duralogic Company Limited understands that in terms of transportation, you want your goods to be delivered safely, on time, and competitively. Regarding shipping, we are here and make every decision to help you and us save or make money.

Speaking of heated vest, Duran Heated Wear ranked first among powerful manufacturers. Duran Heated Wear's heated glove is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Duran heated socks for hunting has to be assessed in many aspects. These aspects cover flexing resistance, colorfastness, tear strength, and dimensional stability. This product has the advantage of excellent breathability. Duran Heated Wear has a network of highly qualified agents and contributing distributors. With enough elasticity, this product allows for a wide range of movement.

our company always adheres to the policy of strictly following the mismanagement rules of the company. Please contact us!
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