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Duran Heated liner Gloves With foldable Windproof and Waterproof Cover

Duran Heated liner Gloves With foldable Windproof and Waterproof Cover
500 pairs
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The important features

The glove structure offering extraordinary fitting comfort and  durability as well as medical properties,

A safe and economic Li-Ion battery provides a long time of operation of the heating system

The heating element is layout stretching on the back of hand , thanks to which your hands will remain stretching and comfortably warm all the time

Gloves equipped with an additional foldable waterproof and windproof cover ensuring thermal comfort during outdoor activities whenever you need !

The thermoactive ( Modal fabric) fabric allows for quick moisture absorption and has biostatic properties, thanks to which it supports the operation of the heating system

The current-conducting filament on the thumb and the index finger allows for using touchscreens without the need to take off the gloves

A closed pocket for storing the battery offers you comfort of use every day

Our Wireless Rechargeable Warming Glove Liners are soft and flexible, and help warm your hands warm for up to five hours. Simply wear them under your regular gloves and turn them on.


Technical data

 The thinnest stretchy skin-fit liner technology to fit comfortably under most gloves

• Lightweight, great dexterity,soft and supple

 the cover will help you retain all the heat when you just wear this liner glove  

 heated areas: whole back of hand

 works with touch screens

 3 Radiant-X Core Heating Levels including High, Medium, Low 

 modes: HI (44°C), MED (39°C), LO (34°C)

 working time: 6 h (Low), 3 h ( Medium), 2 h (Hight)

• Unisex design, available in Black

Small & Lightweight high-performance rechargeable BEGO Battery System

 Machine Washable (*Must Remove Batteries)

The set includes

1 Pair Heated Universal Gloves With Windproof and Waterproof CoverLiner

 2pcs 3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable “BEGO” Batteries

 1pcs Universal USB Dual Battery Charging Cable

 Packing with PE bag in 18.5cm*42.5cm

Accumulated 20 years technical strength and developing experience, we can help design your product fast and with creativity, save you lots money and time to market your products. 

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