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Falling In Love With Heated Motorcycle Clothing

by:Duran     2020-04-04
Are you in love with riding? Has the relationship ever gone sour because you were betrayed by the weather? If so, now's the time to fall in love with heated motorcycle clothing. Designed, developed, perfected and road-tested by serious riders for serious riders, heated motorcycle clothing is worth getting serious about. Experience the warmth, feel the comfort and revel in the safety provided by heated clothing. You'll be glad you made the leap. Experienced riders have known the benefits of heated motorcycle clothing for years. Most of the original heated gear was designed in garages by biker/inventors who knew that life on the road could be better if the weather didn't always have its way with them. From this grew a mini-industry providing heated gear. Advances in heating technology, as well as improvements in electrical circuitry have expanded the competition and the choices, while keeping the products affordable. High-tech wiring and New Age fabrics complete the circle. So you can expect the current generation of heated clothing to be light-weight, windproof, waterproof, safe, flexible and, above all, warm. So how does this stuff work? Heated clothing can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack or the bike's motor. Most rechargeable packs will provide 4-10 hours of heat depending on how much heated clothing is hooked up to the pack. If using the bike's motor as the power source, the clothing runs as long as the bike runs. So you're good to go and warm for as long as you choose to ride. The different manufacturers of heated clothing offer lines of compatible battery packs, cables, connections and adapters, many of which are interchangeable with the different brands of heated clothing available, as well as different brands of bikes. In addition, cables come in varying lengths and configurations allowing for the use of one piece of heated clothing or several connected pieces. So you don't have to choose between cold hands or cold feet - you can love the feeling of warmth everywhere. Also available are a variety of temperature controllers, designed specifically for heated clothing. Having the advantage of infinitely variable temperature control, it's possible to ride as comfortably all day at 20 degrees as if it were 60 degrees. Temperature control is also important because if the clothing is too hot, it may feel as though the skin is burning, but the deep-heated feeling of warmth to the core may not be experienced. Also, different bodies tend to like different levels of heat. Temperature control allows you to 'customize' your clothes, warmth-wise. And how much will this stuff take out of your wallet? Heated clothing prices range from around $60 for heated socks to about $300 for heated jacket with built-in cables and temperature controls. Weighing the many benefits of today's heated motorcycle clothing, it only makes sense to give it a whirl. Start with one of the most popular pieces of heated clothing, the heated vest (around $140) or the heated jacket liner (under $200). But beware, you're going to fall in love!
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