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Heated Clothing Lets You Extend Your Outdoor Fun

by:Duran     2020-04-02
For many outdoor enthusiasts, the end of summer also means the end of many of our favorite outdoor activities.  As the temperature drops in the fall and winter months, we put away the baseball gloves, store the soccer balls and park the motorcycle.  Even the golf clubs get regulated to the garage or basement (in spite of the hope that Mother Nature will be kind enough to provide a warm winter day here and there.)   Although we do turn our attention towards cold weather activities such as hunting and watching our favorite team hit the gridiron, even these passions are met with some trepidation due to the cold environments that has always accompanied these activities. But no more!  Now you can create your own heated environment!  The next generation of heat technologies (beyond heated wires or fragile carbon fiber) makes it more possible to stay warm while playing golf in November or riding your motorcycle to work in January.  With new advances in heated clothing, you can now stay warm, productive and comfortable while outdoors this winter.  You can also improve the work environment, health and safety of you and/or your team members who work outdoors! If you work or play outdoors during the winter months, you know the temperature can at times can be unbearable.  At minimum, it decreases the opportunities to enjoy your time off or the activities that help keep life balanced.  Adding layer upon layer of clothing to fight the cold gets bulky, restricts movement and is sometimes just plain uncomfortable.  Moving in and out of heated spaces also means you're constantly adding or removing clothing to try and maintain a comfortable body temperature. With products available to heat most any part of your body, you can easily find an item that suits your particular needs.  More popular articles include heated gloves/mittens, heated shoe insoles and heated workforce items such as back supports.  The basic necessity that no one should be without is the heated jacket (or vest) which provides vital core heat to the mid-section of the body, helping to keep you warm throughout. And, don't limit yourself to only being able to use your heated gear while on your motorcycle or while in the car.  Now multiple power source options are available for the greatest flexibility in powering your heated clothing.  Small, rechargeable battery packs make it easy and convenient to enjoy hours of warmth on cold winter days even while not on the bike, tractor, boat, etc.    Additionally, pay special attention to the type of technology employed by the various heated clothing manufacturers.  Look to newer technologies such as smart fabrics that produce heat when low voltage is applied and self regulates to optimal temperatures.   These new fabrics are safer, more reliable and offer more even heat distribution than the older 'conductive-wire' or 'carbon fiber' based technologies. Thanks to the advent of heated clothing and accessories, it's now possible to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities all year long.  Whether you like to spend your time on a motorcycle, on a boat, or settled into a deer stand, heated clothing lets you shed the bulky layers and take on the cold in comfort and style.
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