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Heated Motorcycle Clothing - So What's The Deal?

by:Duran     2020-04-06
First of all, heated motorcycle clothing isn't just for bikers. Experienced riders have known and enjoyed the benefits of heated motorcycle clothing for some time now. But maybe you're a casual, warm-weather rider. Or maybe you don't even own a motorcycle. Fortunately, heated clothing is versatile, light-weight, waterproof, windproof and adaptable to many cold weather activities. How do you know if you're a candidate for heated motorcycle clothing? If you've ever sat shivering in a cold duck blind waiting for dawn and wishing for a little warmth, then a heated vest or jacket liner would probably make the wait seem much shorter. Or if you're fishing in an icy creek and end up with icy toes inside cold waders, heated socks might allow you to stay a little longer and land the big one. If you're a serious yachtsman, you've no doubt pulled watch on a cold night. Dark and cold is no fun. Dark and warm is much better. Other outdoor activities and jobs that take place when it's cold - snowmobiling, skiing, watching football, ranching, outdoor security, freight packing and delivery- can all be made more comfortable and in some cases safer, through the use of heated motorcycle clothing. And if you live in a place where the winters are long and cold, turn down the thermostat, turn on the heated clothes and possibly save on your heating bill. So how does it work? Heated clothing can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack or, if you're a biker, the bike's motor. Various manufacturers offer lines of compatible battery packs, cables, connections and adapters, and many of these are interchangeable with the different brands of clothing available. In addition, there are many cable configurations which allow for the use of one piece of heated clothing -- or several connected pieces -- for full body comfort. As heated clothing has become more popular, and with advances in heating technology, more manufacturers have jumped into the ring.. This has served to enhance and expand the range of heated clothing available, while keeping the price affordable. Heated clothing is generally priced between $60 for a pair of heated socks to $300 for a heated jacket with built-in heat controller. Consider the benefits provided by heated clothing -- warmth, comfort, extended riding season, enhanced safety. Why not experience heated motorcycle clothing and see for yourself? Don't let cold weather have the upper hand - it's just not necessary.
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