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Heated Motorcycle Jacket - Ride With Comfort

by:Duran     2020-04-12
Nothing beats the comfort of riding with a heated motorcycle jacket on. Most people think that heated apparel are only good for those cold rides. However, there are individuals that use these jackets during the warm months as well. In fact, if you want to have a stroll at night, you can use these jackets as a form of protection and still maintain the right level of warmth. What makes these jackets special? The special feature of a heated motorcycle jacket is that it uses coils or in modern jackets, micro fibers to transmit heat. Another good quality of these jackets is that the power source is the onboard battery of the motorcycle. This means that as long as the motorcycle is running, you won't have to worry about losing heat. As compared to ordinary jackets that use rechargeable batteries, you won't have any problems when you can't find an electric outlet. Where are the heating panels located? A concern for some is that they want to know if the heat will reach the areas that they desire. This is especially in cases where people want to have heat applied to specific areas of the body. Typically, the wirings for the heated motorcycle jackets cover the whole jacket. This means that there will be even distribution of heat all over the back and chest area. Can you regulate the temperature? Yes you can. In fact, there are manufacturers that give you the option to include a heat controller to regulate the heat level. This is a good idea since there are cases when the cold will be just unbearable even with a jacket on. So in these cases, all that you have to do is to raise the heat level and you'll be fine. Are there side effects to wearing this gear? One known disadvantage of using heated motorcycle gadgets is that people tend to lose their original tolerance to the cold. You see, most people become so dependent with the heated motorcycle jacket that they will want to always reach for it even if the cold is within normal limits. A typical sign of this dependence is when you always kick up a notch the level of heat to the point that it is now way too far from the time when you first used the device. Can you use other heated gear along with the jackets? When you look at the socket for the 12v plug in your motorcycle, you will notice that you have only one. Now this doesn't mean that you can't use other heated gear along with your heated motorcycle jacket. In fact, some manufacturers added connectors that will transmit the current to your other gear such as gloves and pants from the jacket itself.
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