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Male Heated Base Layer - Is It Enough to Keep You Warm?

by:Duran     2020-04-08
Most men look for a heated base layer that is not only sturdy but functional as well. You see, there are various products in the market today that promise to give warmth and comfort. But when you finally receive the product, you will be disappointed since it is not what you hoped it to be. Things to look for in a good heated product There are several things to look for when buying heated apparel like the base layer. But to give you a clearer picture, it is best to start at a few basics. 1. Temperature control - This is greatly needed whether you are in any weather condition. You see, Mother Nature is unpredictable and the weather may change from warm to extremely cold in no time. This is why you need to have a temperature selector on your heated apparel. This way, you can set it to adapt to any weather condition that come your way. 2. Material used - Another thing to consider is the actual material used in the apparel. The reason is that different manufacturers create products that may look the same outside but when you actually use it, it really isn't as it seems. How does the male heated base layer match up against the competition? The heated base layer is a wonderful invention that needs to be taken into consideration among the other heated apparel in the market. You see, there are heated jackets, vests, gloves and even blankets. Now you may think that the market is already saturated. That is where you are wrong. Below are some of the different features of heated apparel: 1. Heated jacket - This is especially popular to male and female bikers. Because jackets are the customary gear of bikers, it is only fitting for manufacturers to create and market heated jackets. One such jacket is the tour master synergy heated jacket. This jacket has the usual features found in normal heated apparel except that it uses the patented synergy technology. This means that instead of coils, a series of flexible carbon fiber elements are used for heat transfer. 2. Heated base layer - Next up is the base layer from venture. This is a revolutionary product that ensures that you will get the warmth that you need without the bulk. You see, as compared to the tour master synergy jacket, this product is relatively thin and lighter. As for the technology used, this uses the patented hair thin micro allow heating elements. So again, no more coils. Another point worth looking into is that with the tourmaster jacket, you will look stuffed if you wear anything over it. But with the base layer from venture, you can wear whatever you like since this pretty much has the same dimensions an ordinary shirt.
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