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Powerlet Products - Not For 'Normal' Motorcycle Riders

by:Duran     2020-04-10
If you think having a cigarette outlet or 12 V power port on your motorcycle is only smokers and people addicted to their cell phones think again. Yes they can help cigarette and cell phone addicts maintain their addictions from the bike but that is just scratching the surface. Powerlet assembles its products in Michigan and has a complete line up of motorcycle electrical solutions. Here are just a few examples. Motorcycle Power Outlets - Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, a metric cruiser, a Kawasaki sport bike or KTM dual sport, having a 12 V power outlet on your bike will come in handy sooner or later. For long distance riding, being able to keep your GPS or cell phone charged up, powering a CB or (when murphy strikes) having the ability to use a portable electric tire pump can be quite useful. Powerlet has 12V motorcycle outlets for any motorcycle ranging from the most basic motorcycle cigarette outlet kit the $34 PKT-101 which includes a fused battery lead, rubber cap and zip ties for mounting to the $150 chrome Power Bar that provides a very nice solid cigarette outlet or European sized power port on the handle bars. Whether you want a flush panel mount, frame mount, or a simple SAE (Battery Tender style) to cigarette outlet adapter Powerlet has a product that fits your needs perfectly. They have custom kits with the exact length of wire and model specific instructions for most sport and sport touring bikes like the Honda ST1300 and Kawasaki Concours. Battery Charging Connectors - Unless you are lucky enough to live in a very mild climate you probably ride less miles in the winter. Powerlet makes it easy to keep your battery maintained and ready for spring or for that warm winter afternoon ride. If you have a cigarette outlet on your motorcycle you can use their AAC-002 to plug the SAE 2 pin male / female connector from your battery tender into the outlet. If you have the smaller European / Powerlet style 12V port use the PAC-008 to do the same. Power In Your Luggage - Ok, so you don't want to have a phone mounted on your handle bars or take calls while you are riding but you would like for it to be charged when you get to your destination. Do you use a GPS in your tank bag or want to charge a device in your saddle bags? Powerlet PTB-001 is a Molded plastic SAE flange that mounts conveniently into any tankbag or saddlebag (soft or hard sided luggage). Easy to install, this bulkhead connector permits power to be passed through the luggage wall. And of course, Powerlet has SAE adpaters for inside the luggage to convert the SAE to cigarette outlet or smaller Powerlet port. Heated Gear - If winter finds you sitting in the garage staring at your motorcycle or spending more time on the forums than in the saddle, you need heated gear. Powerlet has coax heated gear hardware including battery leads, thermostats, adapters from the power port to coax and heated liners for gloves, pants and jackets. With the proper heated gear you can enjoy riding at much cooler temperatures and extend your riding season. Do It Yourself - If you have a custom application and need to build your own solution Powerlet also has high quality insulated wire, terminations and ports that can be used to make your own high quality solution.
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