Duran - 中国电热服制造商 - 第一款碳纤维电热服的发明者

What about industry position of Duran ?
Since its inception, Duran has gained rapid growth in its own strength, and now has occupied a pivotal position in the industry. In the aspect of our sales volumes, the statistics clearly show that we obtain a sharp increase per year with more and more customers coming to seek cooperation with us. In terms of our price, it is competitive compared with the price offered by our competitors or others. We work with reliable suppliers who offer raw materials, parts, and other auxiliary parts, which can ensure that the price is favorable without sacrificing the quality. All these contribute to our advantaged position in the industry.

Duralogic Company Limited is a leader in the international heated glove market. Duran Heated Wear's heated pants is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. During the design of Duran winter scarf, the principle of the human physical structure is involved. Weight distribution, physiological structure development, and the anatomy and movement of the foot have been considered. This product is lightweight and achieves the maximum portability. The product has been inspected to strict quality standards. This product is lightweight and achieves the maximum portability.

The goal that Duran commits to be the leading heated socks manufacturer turns to be important. Inquire now!
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