Duran - 中国电热服制造商 - 第一款碳纤维电热服的发明者

What products has Duran Heated Wear developed?
Duralogic Company Limited has developed many different types of products since we established. We have been focused on improving our capability in researching and developing new products so as to set us apart from our competitors in the market. Taking electric heated jacket as an example, it is our featured product combining the efforts of all our employees. It is made in strict accordance with the international standard and features reliable quality. Also, it will be upgraded and improved based on customers' user experience and feedback on a regular basis.

As the initiator of heated vest, Duran Heated Wear is committed to research and development and production. Duran Heated Wear's heated clothing is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. We continuously monitor and adjust the production process to ensure that the product quality meets the policy requirements of customers and the company. Its stretchable materials help to improve dexterity and comfort during a wide range of activities. Duran Heated Wear conducts real-time monitoring and feedback on the quality of the entire manufacturing process. The battery of this product has a long lifespan.

Establishing Duran into a world-famous brand is the ultimate goal. Welcome to visit our factory!
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