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Why heated socks is produced by so many manufacturers?
Manufactured in strict accordance with national standard, heated socks is designed to withstand the test of time whilst retaining versatility and adaptability. Considering the production cost and potential economic interests brought by the products, more and more manufacturers begin to put their investment in this industry. Duralogic Company Limited is one of them. We implement the lean production management system to reduce production cost and enhance work efficiency, thus offering a more favorable price for customers. In addition, we strictly control the product quality and will test the product performance before shipment so as to ensure a high qualification ratio.

Duran Heated Wear has established partnerships with many global customers on heated jacket products. Duran Heated Wear's heated clothing is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Materials used in Duran warmest base layer are required to undergo rigorous ingredient tests. They are inspected regarding colorfastness, odor, shading balance, physical properties such as wearing and puncture resistance. Its digital controls are completely waterproofed to be washer machine and dryer safe. Duran Heated Wear quickly controls product quality and trace ability to ensure that quality meets the design specifications and meets customer's requirements. This product is safe to wear and is easy for anyone to use.

Duran commits to make achievements in the process of producing heated baselayer. Inquiry!
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