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Winter Hats Don't Have to Make a Fashion Statement

by:Duran     2020-04-13
When the season changes we are reminded of how important it is for proper clothing. But even though we know the season is changing most of us are never prepared until it is too late. Our heads and face are one of the most important areas to protect during these cold times. One of the best ways to keep the whole body warm is with a winter hat. Even if you have heated gloves or socks, without the proper head gear you will feel cold. But choosing the right hat can be difficult. Before buying a winter hat you should always try it on for a few minutes. Aside from the heating benefits the comfort should be your first priority. Mohair is a popular choice for winter hat material. Although it can be a bit expensive it has the ability to keep you warm more easily than other materials. The only problem that I have with mohair is that it can feel a bit itchy. So if this happens to you then you will need to choose something that doesn't bother your head or ears. A lot of people are obsessed about styles of their hat. But shouldn't the comfort and practical ability be the most important? I've found that hats that cover the ears are best for warmth regardless of the style. I personally wear a fedora because it looks good and gives me just enough warmth to warrant wearing it. If style is absolutely on your mind then perhaps choosing a color can persuade you. Dark shades like black go well with almost anything you wear. If you are looking for a gift then a hat can say a lot about you and how you feel about someone. Just remember that brand names and stylish hats will make the best gift. Never try to pass off a cheap hat as a great gift because you will most likely insult the person it was intended for.
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