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How about sales of battery heated vest under Duran ?
With heated vest increasingly gaining more popularity in the marketplace, its sales volume are rising, too. The item is of excellent durability and reliability that helps it to acquire more recognition from clients. Due to the wonderful operation of the products and thoughtful support supplied by our support team, the sales volume is growing quickly.

Duralogic Company Limited ranked first in the heated pants market in China. Duran Heated Wear's heated diving suit is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Duran heated motorcycle gloves involves various professional manufacturing processes. It has undergone a pre-analysis of gait balance, 3D scanning of foot type, CAD pattern design, machining, and surface & edges trimming. It is perfectly suitable for hiking, rock climbing, cliff rappelling, and camping in the wild. This product has passed the inspection of our professional QC team and the authoritative third party. This product is packaged with a USB charger.

The goal that Duran commits to be the leading heated vest manufacturer turns to be important. Contact!
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