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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
As our ODMed products are produced in batch, Duralogic Company Limited will have a requirement for MOQ to maximize the manufacturing benefit and operation gains. Comparing with the OEMed products, the MOQ will be much higher owing to the uniqueness of the design and high demand for raw materials. Besides, the minimum order quantity for ODMed products which have huger specifications will be much higher than other products. If you have interested in ordering different products from us, we will consider to give you a lower MOQ based on the product portfolio.

Focusing on the evolution and creation of heated vest, Duran Heated Wear is known in this industry. Duran Heated Wear's heated diving suit is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The design of Duran heated motorcycle gloves has been conducted by considering many factors. These factors include biomechanical comfort, stress distribution, slip resistance, tear strength, and slip resistance. This product is available in various sizes. The products have passed strict quality examination and inspection before they leave the factory. This product comes in a variety of heating options.

Duran Heated Wear always attaches the great importance of the service quality. Get more info!
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