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How many people in Duran Heated Wear QC team?
Duralogic Company Limited There are 2 QC teams: one is material testing and the other is finished product testing. ISO 9000 defines quality control as “part of quality management and focuses on meeting quality requirements”. Quality control is an ongoing process that involves everything from procurement to manufacturing to distribution. You will repeat the business only if the quality of the product is consistent. We have been working hard, focusing on details and systems to monitor and evaluate products for compliance.

Duran Heated Wear is one of the famous manufacturers of heated vest with abundant production experience. Duran Heated Wear's heated socks is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The design of Duran heated motorcycle gloves has been conducted by considering many factors. These factors include biomechanical comfort, stress distribution, slip resistance, tear strength, and slip resistance. This product can be machine washable with a gentle cycle. Duran Heated Wear provides customer service of quality consultations. This product is packaged with a USB charger.

Duran has been following the national standards to provide the best service and heated vest for customers. Check now!
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