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Is installation service provided for electric heated jacket ?
Duralogic Company Limited provides installation support for heated jacket . We are always proud of our commitment to customer service with post-installation support included. Our product features flexibility and versatility. Some parts of the product can only be integrated and assembled requiring technical support from professionals. Even though you are thousands of miles away from us, we can provide online installation support through video chat for you. Or, we would love to send you an e-mail with a step-by-step installation guide included.

As a heated scarf manufacturer, Duran Heated Wear is technically advanced. Duran Heated Wear's heated diving suit is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The design of Duran warmest base layer has been conducted by considering many factors. These factors include biomechanical comfort, stress distribution, slip resistance, tear strength, and slip resistance. This product comes in a variety of heating options. Duran Heated Wear has done a solid job in its sales network. This product has the advantage of excellent breathability.

Duran makes up its mind to offer the most competitive heated vest for customers. Call now!
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