Duran - 中国电热服制造商 - 第一款碳纤维电热服的发明者

Who are main customers to Duran ?
Our target customers are from different industries and spread everywhere in the world. Firstly, because we manufacture heated vest following the quality management system and international standards so as to provide customers with high-performance and long-lasting products, we have acquired increasing popularity thanks to the word-of-mouth. In addition, we have established a complete set of sales network for better serving our customers currently and gaining a larger group of potential customers with our enhanced brand awareness in the global market.

Duralogic Company Limited has gained world-wide popularity because of heated clothing. Duran Heated Wear's heated clothing is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The design of Duran heated socks has taken into account many factors. These factors include biomechanical comfort (plantar pressure), force distribution, fire resistance ability, and slip resistance. Its weather repellent coating makes it wind water-resistant. In order to effectively control quality of heated baselayer, Duran Heated Wear takes measure of warmest base layer. The green, blue, or red LED light clearly shows the selected setting for easy-to-understand use.

Duran Heated Wear is still working on to offer the distinguished heated baselayer. Get price!
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